Taking The Hassle Out of Camping

Teach Your Youth Group Survival Skills During A Camping Trip

If you are the leader of a youth wilderness group and would like to teach members survivor skills during an upcoming camping trip in the mountains, the following ideas can be included in your plans. As a result, you will be providing each young person with valuable skills that may build their confidence and help them survive if they are faced with a precarious situation in the woods at some point down the road.

Demonstrate Food And Drink Preparation Techniques

Pack non perishable food items, bottled water, pots, pans, dinnerware, utensils, flint, and matches to bring on the trip. If you are an experienced fisher and will be camping near a body of water, add a rod and reel to the items being taken. After setting up camp, demonstrate how to build a fire. Cook a meal for your group members by using food and cooking supplies that you have on hand.

If you catch any fish during the excursion, show your group the proper way to scale and filet them. Collect water from the pond or stream that is near your campsite and boil it on top of the campfire to remove contaminants while discussing the importance of doing so.

Teach How To Navigate Through The Woods

Provide group members with compasses and maps of the area that was chosen for the camping trip. Write clear directions that include a starting point and ending point, as well as some landmarks that are between the two points. Walk with the children and allow them to navigate through the woods as a group. Encourage the members and let them know if they are going the right way.

If any of the members are unsure of which way to go or have trouble using the compasses, assist them. Once everyone arrives at the ending point, reward them with a special meal or recreational activity.

Provide Information About Medical Emergencies

Pack a first aid kit that includes basic supplies including bandages, first aid cream, gauze, scissors, insect repellent, and ice packs. While sitting around a campfire, show the children the first aid kit and explain situations in which the items inside of it may come in handy. Demonstrate how to apply bandages and gauze and discuss how to locate help if a true emergency were to occur. For example, knowing where a park ranger is located or bringing along a two-way radio could ensure that a person receives help in a timely manner.