Taking The Hassle Out of Camping

Provide Your Teenager With Comforts From Home And Navigation Gear To Bring To A Co-Ed Summer Camp

If your teenager will be attending a co-ed summer camp in New England in a few weeks, provide them with some comforts from home and gear that will assist with navigating through the woods during daily excursions with their guide by utilizing the following tips. As a result, your child's first camping experience away from home may be one that is positive and cherished and your offspring may decide that they would like to go camping again the following summer. 

Sleeping Bag And Pillow

Purchase a sleeping back that is lined with breathable fabric that is suitable for use in a warm or cool climate. A bag that is stuffed with feathers or soft cotton will help keep your child warm if they will be spending time outdoors inside of a tent. If your teenager will be spending time inside of a cabin that is furnished with cots, a thick sleeping bag will minimize discomfort associated with sleeping on a firm surface.

Buy your child a pillow that is made out of memory foam and insert it in a pillowcase that is made out of a poly-nylon fiber blend that is designed to quickly absorb moisture. If your child sweats during the night, they will be greeted with a cooling sensation as they place their face against the pillowcase. The memory foam will conform to your child's head and neck, further providing them with comfort while sleeping. 

Rain Gear And Navigation Tools

A rain slicker and galoshes will help keep your child dry while they are navigating through the wilderness on rainy days. A lightweight slicker that has a waterproof cover can be wiped off with a towel and hung up on a hook after being worn. Galoshes that have thick soles and prominent tread will prevent your teenager from slipping while crossing slick surfaces.

A compass, binoculars, and map of the area where the camp is located will help your child maintain their confidence as they explore their surroundings. If your child happens to become separated from a group of their peers, they may be able to find their way back to the campsite with the help of the tools that they brought along. 

Toiletries, Stamps, Paper, And A Handheld Radio

Create a care package for your loved one that includes basic toiletries, stamps, paper, pens, and a handheld radio. After participating in strenuous activities each day, your child will be able to clean themselves and refresh their skin by using toiletries that they are accustomed to using.

By having stamps, paper, and pens on hand, your teenager may be inclined to write you letters on a regular basis. They can set their handheld radio next to them as they write a letter that contains descriptions of some of the activities that they have been participating in. Afterward, they can relax before bedtime while listening to some soft music inside of their tent or cabin. 

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