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4 Things You Should Know About Military Campgrounds

Camping is a great way to get out of the city and enjoy the great outdoors. However, some places are more ideal for camping than others. A good campsite should be clean and well-maintained, offering safety and possibly even running water. If you're eligible, you can take advantage of a military campground. These campgrounds are the perfect place to spend a weekend away from home. Here are four things you should know about military campgrounds before planning your next camping trip:

1. Active and retired military personnel and certain family members are eligible

Military campgrounds are reserved for military use. However, the list of people who qualify is quite extensive. According to Military.com, anyone who currently works for the military can use a military campground, along with their spouses and dependents. Retired military personnel, veterans, and their families can also use the campgrounds. If someone in the military passes away, their spouses may still be eligible for campground use.

2. Reservations can ensure you get a campsite

Military campgrounds are particularly busy during certain times of the year. In general, camping is more popular during the summer and other major holidays. If you're worried that you might not get a campsite during peak season, you can secure your spot by making a reservation ahead of time. Call the campsite to book your spot. However, you should be aware that some military campsites only take reservations from people who are still on active duty. Other campsites prioritize those who are on active duty but still accept reservations from others.

3. Showers and other amenities are available

One of the perks of choosing a military campsite is having access to running water and bathroom facilities. If you want to enjoy nature without having to completely rough it in the wilderness, a military campsite is a good middle ground. You can feel free to hike and explore the scenery during the day, and once your day is over you can get clean before bedtime. Some campsites feature recreational areas where you can hang out with your family and other campers.

4. Recreational vehicles are allowed in certain campgrounds

If you're a fan of RV camping, there are military campgrounds that can accommodate you. Most campgrounds are equipped for tent camping, but others also have the hookups necessary for RV water and electricity lines. Call ahead of time if you want to know if a particular campground near you is RV-friendly.

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