Teach Your Youth Group Survival Skills During A Camping Trip

If you are the leader of a youth wilderness group and would like to teach members survivor skills during an upcoming camping trip in the mountains, the following ideas can be included in your plans. As a result, you will be providing each young person with valuable skills that may build their confidence and help them survive if they are faced with a precarious situation in the woods at some point down the road. [Read More]

Three Ways To Keep Kids Excited During Your Camping Trip

In a world full of technological advances, media, and cartoons at the push of a button on a small portable screen, it is seemingly and unfortunately becoming harder to keep the interest of children in anything in the natural world. When your family packs up for a weekend camping trip out in the great outdoors or a Longriders RV Park, it can be difficult to peel their interest away from what's happening on the small screen and redirect it to interacting with nature. [Read More]