Family Wants To Go On A Road Trip This Fall? 2 Tips For Traveling In An RV

If you want to go on a road trip, fall is the perfect time to do this. Traveling via an RV can help save you a lot of money, as hotel costs can be very expensive. The only thing you will have to worry about is getting the RV ready for traveling and where to park your RV when you want to stop for the night. To help you get ready, below is some information you should find helpful so you and your family can have a great trip:

Provide Your Teenager With Comforts From Home And Navigation Gear To Bring To A Co-Ed Summer Camp

If your teenager will be attending a co-ed summer camp in New England in a few weeks, provide them with some comforts from home and gear that will assist with navigating through the woods during daily excursions with their guide by utilizing the following tips. As a result, your child's first camping experience away from home may be one that is positive and cherished and your offspring may decide that they would like to go camping again the following summer.

Teach Your Youth Group Survival Skills During A Camping Trip

If you are the leader of a youth wilderness group and would like to teach members survivor skills during an upcoming camping trip in the mountains, the following ideas can be included in your plans. As a result, you will be providing each young person with valuable skills that may build their confidence and help them survive if they are faced with a precarious situation in the woods at some point down the road.